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Which CLUSE Strap Will You Choose?

Customise your arm candy with a CLUSE watch strap. Our precision-stitched leather watch straps and refined mesh watch straps come in a range of gorgeous shades that perfectly complement your CLUSE watch. Made to be playful, CLUSE watch straps can be easily changed so you can always put a fresh spin on your favourite style. Perfect for updating your look with a pop of colour or some metallic shine.


How To Change Watch Straps

Our easy click-on, click-off system makes changing your CLUSE watch strap as simple as it is beautiful. Just check which kind of CLUSE watch you have to determine the size of the watch strap you need:

Boho Chic – choose any 18mm CLUSE watch strap
La Roche - choose any 18mm CLUSE watch strap
Pavane - choose any 18mm CLUSE watch strap
Féroce - choose any 18mm CLUSE watch strap
La Tétragone - choose any 16mm CLUSE watch strap
Minuit - choose any 16mm CLUSE watch strap
Aravis - choose any 20mm CLUSE watch strap
Boho Chic Petite - choose any 12mm CLUSE watch strap
La Vedette - choose any 12 mm CLUSE watch strap

Our watch strap tutorial video helps you see exactly how to change your CLUSE watch strap


Vegan Watch Mesh Straps

We don’t have any faux leather watch straps. But all CLUSE mesh watch straps are 100% vegan. And all CLUSE watches with a mesh watch strap are presented in a leatherette (faux leather) pouch or a cardboard box (La Vedette). So there are no animal-derived products in your order.